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Buying Your First Surfboard
by Kahuna Bob Edwards

Kahuna Bob       

       Surfboard riding is the ultimate challenge. First you must learn how to balance upon a sliding sliver of foam. Then you must learn how to pop up to your feet on this board and have perfect balance while the surface below you is moving. After one has mastered keeping this board flat on the surface of the water, you can begin to manipulate the board underneath you. This stage in your surfing career can vary from 2-3 months to 1-2 years depending upon the board you are attempting to ride at this point in your learning process.

   All beginners belong on a board at least 2-3 feet taller than their own height with good thickness and width to the board. A rounded nose shaped board is best and 3 fins are the easiest to maneuver for the beginner. Whether you are still catching white water waves or learning how to drop down the face of a wave, a board which floats you well will paddle faster and your success rate will be greater. Your surfing abilities will improve much faster when you are on the proper board. The correct surfboard as well as a lesson or two with Kahuna Bob's Surf School is the best way to get started in the sport of surfing.

   Upon completion of four lessons, Kahuna will even help you chose the proper surfboard just for your skill level and knowledge at this stage  in your surfing career. Bob will also make sure you get the correct board at a fair price whether it be a quality used board or a custom built new board which meets your personal specifications. This process could take as long as 3 or 4 weeks but when you get the board that works right for your ability you will be glad you took the necessary time. I look forward to working with you and hope to make your desires of surfing as enjoyable as it possibly can be. For further information or help buying anything from wetsuits to wax or recommendations of what surf shop or surfing equipment suppliers to go talk to feel free to e-mail me your questions at: or call me at: 1-800-KAHUNAS.

Much Aloha!
Kahuna Bob Edwards
Kahuna Bobs' Surf School
est. 1986


A Poem by

Standing below the pitching lip
My heart begins to pound
I stick my fingers in her face
As the energy swirls around.
My board chatters
as I aim for the light
I pull my body in close and tight.
Now the beach is out of sight
Thunder roars up from behind
As the hole begins to narrow
Mist is stinging on my back
Now I’m lost inside the barrel
I’m too far back, no way, too deep
There’s no more bottom
The face too steep.
With a flash it’s over,
I’m upside down
the white water throwing me
round and around.
As I push off the sand
and float to the top,
catching my breath in the foamy slop,
My friend says hoot, ‘Man that was hot!"
Guess what dude?
I got the shot!


A Poem by


Admire the child who glides along
The throbbing pulse so green
Who stalls and steps and shifts his weight
With muscles long and lean.
The water swells his fluid ride
He banks and carves with his toy
Sliding on atop the waves
With exhilarating joy.
Landlocked feelings broken free
As he dances alone with the sea
Troubles now are out of reach
With worldly thoughts left on the beach
Only time to trim and play
Through rolling oceans salty spray
Hair blown back and running wild
In the water I am that child.

By Kahuna Bob Edwards

  In the Green Room
Safe within her womb,
Deep into the pit, waiting for her spit.
Out I slide, happy I glide,
Back to ride before high tide.
One more wave that’s all I ask,
And if I’m able and up to the task
I’ll ride that roller to the sand,
Grab my board and be feelin grand.
Surfin, Surfin, what a trip,
Give me my board and watch me rip.