Buying A Surfboard?
How about a new custom made "EZ Styx"
which meets your height, weight and ability level?

Custom "EZ Styx" Longboard (front) Custom "EZ Styx" Longboard (bottom) Custom "EZ Styx" Noserider (front) Custom "EZ Styx" Noserider (bottom) Custom "EZ Styx" Egg (front) Custom "EZ Styx" Egg (bottom)

     For years now I have been sending my students out into the world (after their lessons) in search of a new or good used surfboard.  For many of my students, it has not gone well.  Many found boards that didn’t suit their size or ability level, others found boards that just weren’t very good to begin with.  If it’s a shiny board in the used racks, chances were that its original owner didn’t like it, so why would you? So, I got together with a longtime surfer/shaper “Scott Raymond Henry" to design an easy to ride surfboard that’s both forgiving as well as floaty.  A board that a beginner can excel on right away and take their surfing ability to the next level and beyond.  Each board is shaped with you, its intended rider in mind.  The added floatation of the EZ STYX will give you a fighting chance when it comes time to catching swells that still have a slope instead of those Niagara Falls take offs that we never want to do again. 

 The EZ STYX easy turning “no catch” rail design and the proper amount of rocker or bottom curve will allow you to come off the bottom of the wave and turn into the face so you can outrun the charging whitewater.  Your life will never be the same! Because Scott hand shapes each board himself and oversees the glassing process, your board is custom made from start to finish.  From selecting the blank, to adjusting the fin setup, your board is created in house by a master surfboard builder, with "You", the beginner in mind!

  You will not only get a great new custom board with your name on it, but you also will receive another free surf session with Bob so you can get checked out on your new stick and get pointed in the right direction while using it.  Surfing doesn’t have to be difficult so do yourself a favor and get an EZ STYX. Sizes below represent the norm but could vary according to what is right for you. Boards usually take between 3-4 weeks from order date to delivery.

kahuna Bob's "EZ Styx" Surfboards
7'0 EGG                      $ 400.00
7'6 EGG                      $ 420.00
8'0 EGG                      $ 430.00
8'6 LONGBOARD    $ 440.00
9'0 LONGBOARD    $ 450.00
9'6 LONGBOARD    $ 460.00
9'4 Big Guy Tri-Fin    $ 460.00
10'0 LONGBOARD   $ 480.00

. For further information or help buying anything from surfboards, wetsuits to wax or recommendations of what surf shop or surfing equipment suppliers to go talk to, feel free to e-mail me your questions at: bob@kahunabob.com or call me at: 1-800-KAHUNAS.