Kahuna Bob's surfing school was established in 1987 to fill the nNow what you wanna do here is...eed in North San Diego county for a qualified surfing instructor for adults as well as kids. Over the past twenty three years, we have taught over 8000 people from 4 years to 67 years young. We stress FUN and SAFETY. Our two hour lessons are designed to be intensive and stimulating both mentally and physically. We will take you from the fundamental surfing lesson on a soft surfboard in the whitewater to gliding along open faced ground swells on a fiberglass board in just a few easy lessons. Most of our first time students are standing up surfing during their initial two hour session. Occasionally we get students who are more comfortable learning at a slower pace. Not to worry, "Ya dudes. we is Surfers!"you've come to the right place. We specialize in knowing each individual is unique and that includes their abilities and desires. Whether you are looking to improve your current wave riding skill level, need a refresher course because it's been a while or you are a true beginner, you will progress at a pace that keeps the experience exciting and fun.  Kahuna Bob's surf school really wants you taking back home an exciting memorable experience. Who knows you may even become so stoked on surfing you'll want to do it all the time.  All students will receive a diploma upon completion of their classes along with valuable discounts and expert advice and counseling on purchasing your own equipment.


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Surf Lesson Surf Lesson Surf Lesson Surf Lesson Surf Lesson
Surf Lesson Surf Lesson Surf Lesson Surf Lesson Surf Lesson
Surf Lesson Surf Lesson Surf Lesson Surf Lesson Surf Lesson
Surf Lesson Surf Lesson Surf Lesson Surf Lesson Surf Lesson
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Kahuna Bob's Pledge  
   Our aim is to point you in the right direction so you can overcome the difficulty of learning how to surf. We were San Diego counties original and first surf school established back in 1987 but through hard work and the love of the sport we redesigned the modern surf lesson. Now in 2007 there are many schools around to choose from, everyone of them seem to have tried to borrow or outright copy our format and do what we do. Imitation is considered a form of flattery and we are certainly flattered, but a copy is still only a copy, and as you know there is nothing like getting the original.
   We have also committed ourselves to keeping the cost of our product affordable so people of all income levels can enjoy our lessons and this wonderful and exciting sport. We didn't start Kahuna Bob's Surf School "to get rich" but to share with as many others as we can what we love doing and doing it while keeping it as affordable for our students as we possibly can. We guarantee that with one session with us you will understand and see the Kahuna Bob difference. Go with the original and feel the "Mana" (power).
            Kahuna Bob Edwards


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