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Learn to Surf from the Pros
North San Diego County, Encinitas and Leucadia California

The Fun, Safe and Easy way to learn the Sport of Surfing.  We provide all of the
equipment, expertise and the technique. All you need is the desire to ride WAVES!
Never surfed before? No Big Ting Brudda! We have professional instructors highly trained in water safety,
awareness, wave etiquette, board positioning as well as overall wave knowledge who will encourage and guide
you through your surfing lessons and overall surfing progression. You'll be standing by end of your first lesson.

1-800-KAHUNAS      (760) 721-7700

Want to be taught by the best?


   Well, it's been 30 years since I came up with the idea of making some side money by giving a few surfing lessons.  Growth was slow at first and business was hard to come by.  Like most new ideas, the public was skeptical and a surfing school was a big departure from the past.  After three summers of mastering my craft I actually got my first BIG break when the San Diego Business Journal did a story on my program and plastered my business on their front page Over the next few years it led to a feeding frenzy by the local television stations who took turns doing adorable news stories on the program and then the business started to boom.  Channels  5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 all got into the act and I had the opportunity to meet many local on air personalities!  Hal Clement, Jane Mitchell, Rod Luck, Dave Scott and Terry Burhans to name a few helped the business to become known.

   Now it's  2017 and all of that free promotion seems like a distant memory and it has been replaced by hundreds of new 'learn to surf programs' getting in on the fun. We are a bit slower now but hey, I still get the opportunity to get to the beach and teach while enjoying the greatest sport on earth!  If you are thinking of taking up the sport, now is the time to get on-board.  Please call and come join in on the fun.  Whether you want to try it for just one lesson or go for a week long program this summer, you will be guaranteed a fun experience.  We are now offering intermediate lessons for those of you who don't need the beginner white-water lesson any longer.  You will be out riding the open faced waves and getting to the next level quickly We will be on Beacons Beach with the summer program beginning the week of  June 5th- June 9th and each week thereafter through Labor Day.  Grab a friend or two and reserve now by calling  1- 800 KAHUNAS  or  (760) 721 7700

   We are open year round and offer lessons daily, so what are you waiting for?  We are looking forward to teaching YOU the sport of a lifetime.

Warmest regards, 
Kahuna Bob

1-800-KAHUNAS or contact us with
at: bob@kahunabob.com

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