Kahuna Bob's Abalone Surf Camp  

   The Northern Baja has for a long time been known as one of the best surfing destinations on the west coast. The area is blessed with throbbing beach breaks, reef breaks, secluded coves, point surf and one of the gems of the Baja, K-181. The River mouth or K-181 as it is known is one of the best Longboard waves on the west coast. Imagine San Onofre with no one out but you and your buddies. To a surfer this is as good as it gets.
   Unfortunately in recent years it has also become a might more dangerous place for visiting surfers.  The problems peaked seemed to have peaked 2008 and this past last year 2009 there were far fewer incidents reported and now thanks to Military and better police presence on the roads this promises to be even a much quieter year still. 
   My friends and I have been going down throughout the troubled times and have been scoring unreal and  un-crowded waves. Right now is the best time to take advantage of this opportunity. Don’t let a few news stories scare you away.   Join Kahuna Bob for one of the best surfing getaways of your life. The Abalone surf camp is located 4 hours south of the border, just far enough away to leave the crowds behind, in the quaint farming and fishing village of Ejido Erendera.
   Your ground transportation from San Diego, lodging, food and surf-guide are all included for a great price. Plus, all trips are filmed and a priceless surfing-adventure movie is made so you can enjoy your trip for years to come.   Now more than ever you want to go down south with an experienced surf guide that speaks Spanish and knows the ways of the Baja.   As of February 2010 U.S. citizens are not required to have a passport if returning to the U.S.A. by car. If you fly back you will need one. If driving a birth certificate and a picture I.D. will do just fine.  We look forward to showing you the best surf vacation you have had in your lifetime.   Aloha, Kahuna Bob

Book your trip today by calling: 1-800-KAHUNAS or email us at: bob@kahunabob.com


  DAY 1

  9:00 AM   Meet and Depart from Oceanside

  10:00 AM   Arrive International US / Mexico Border
  11:30 AM   Arrive Ensenada with lunch @ Harbor Seafood Bazaar with fish/shrimp tacos
  12:00 PM   Depart Ensenada
    2:00 PM   Arrive Erendera surf pad & settle in. Prepare for surfing
    3:00 PM   Surf to sunset
    7:00 PM   Dinner @ Gloria's
    8:00 PM   Return to surf pad - watch videos of days surf rides - drink - laugh - sleep
  DAY 2  All Day      Surf - Eat - Surf - Eat - Surf - Eat/Drink
*DAY 3  All Day      Surf - Eat - Surf - Eat - Surf - Eat/Drink
*DAY 4  All Day      Surf - Eat - Surf - Eat - Surf - Eat/Drink
  DAY 3/4/5   7:00 AM  Surf until noon
  12:00 PM   Return to surf pad to pack up belongings
    1:00 PM   Lunch @ Gloria's
    2:00 PM   Depart For San Diego
    6:00 PM   Arrive International US / Mexico Border
    8:00 PM   Arrive back in Oceanside
   *Extra Surf Day itinerary (3&4) Included in 4 & 5 Day Packages Only



3 Day Trip
$150 per day per person
3 person minimum 5th person $100 per day


4 Day Trip
$135 per day per person
3 person minimum 5th person $90 per day


5 Day Trip
$125 per day per person
3 person minimum 5th person $75 per day

voice: 1-800-KAHUNAS or 760-721-7700  email: bob@kahunabob.com

Baja Day Trips     Baja Day Trips

Good News from Da Islands
By Bob Edwards
Aka Kahuna Bob

    I just had the pleasure of spending the Holiday season break with my family on Oahu’s famous North Shore with my longtime friend, Fred Patacchia Sr. and his family, including my Godson Frederick Patacchia Jr.  We were not only on the North Shore, but we were lodging like Kings in the nicest home on Sunset Beach!  We felt the warm embrace of their Aloha Spirit and we made many new friends along the way.  The surf, as you might imagine, was pumping 24-7!     The view from the porch was unbelievable!  If you looked to your right you saw Sunset Beach with heaving huge thick peaks followed by rainbow sprays.  A glance out front brought Kammieland and Stonies into focus with softer waves by North Shore standards but by So Cal standards mighty good!   And then looking to my left it’s the Rocky Point air show and barrel riding contest.  We are talking died and went to heaven views
    Rusty, (my son) and I rode bikes to Pipeline one day to see Jamie O’Brian dismantle the other guys in the final of the Pipeline Masters.  It wasn’t even close.  Sunny, Bruce and Kalani were all scrambling for second after Jamie nailed down 3 consecutive backside barrels in a row, each one deeper than the last before they could even score one good wave collectively. 
     In Jamie’s semi heat, he and Bruce eliminated Cory Lopez and Slater, so Cory and Kelly stayed out during the break in an unprecedented two man 30 minute expression session and da guys from Florida killed it!  The highlight of the barrel riding expo was a goofy footed Slater pulling into and out of a pipedream.  It wasn’t until I got home and viewed all of my footage on the TV. that I realized the goofy foot had a white shirt on and that it was the six time World Champ. Even cooler than watching the Pipeline final live though was what I witnessed next.  Because across the Kam Highway from Pipeline sits the Sunset Beach Elementary School where the 3rd annual All Bus Kickball Tourney had just gotten underway.
     Teams from all over the North Shore were ready to do battle, Hawaiian style.  Bar B Q’s were smoking up a storm and tarps lined the school yard shielding the teams from the hot mid-day tropical sunshine.  As the teams talked pre-game strategy and sipped their chilled beverages the games were about to begin.  They were definitely pumped up!
     The Kickballers, some in the 300 pound and up category battled all day and were still playing as light failed and darkness enveloped the field.  Team “ALL RIP” definitely won the fashion statement award with their green short-shorts and white All Rip T Shirts and battled their way to an overtime loss in the final two 
     Our seventeen days in Hawaii went way too fast but it was 17 days that I will never forget and cannot wait to repeat someday.  I can tell you that the future of professional surfing is in good hands and that the Hawaiians look poised to keep the crown for some time to come.  There is an incredible focus on the North Shore right now and the rest of the world better watch out!
     After living on the North Shore myself in 1976-77 it was wonderful to return and see it so unchanged on a physical level.  There are no strip malls or big buildings.  As a matter of fact it’s as if there had been a 25 year building moratorium.  It is still country, MAHALO.  Well, its more like country with laptops.  I mean why walk out onto the porch and look for yourself when you can bring up Surfline and see the whole North Shore without getting into your car.  Tides, crowd situation, forecasts, data, data, data.  Walk out to the beach and just look?  Who do you think I am?  Greg Noll?
     So, yeah, on one hand its sort of high-tech but on the other hand the best way to get to Waimea Bay for an afternoon of sunning and world class body whomping is on the big ole fat tire bike in your flip flops and trunks on the bike bath that runs through the koa alongside of Kam Hwy.  You should try that sometime. 
     If you would like to see for yourself, I have a DVD of the highlights of our trip where you can see the house firsthand and the VIEW!  For the price of a decent hotel suite, you can land smack dab in the epicenter of modern surfing and have this world class experience for yourself.  PLEASE contact me for further information or contact Big Fred yourself at Sunset Hale Vacation Rentals.  You won’t be sorry and for everything else, there’s always MasterCard!  PRICELESS!

Edwards Family in Hawaii Surf Legend Tom Curren Beach House Sunset Beach Bob and E-Man "Let Them Eat Cake" Beach
Pool Table Hallway Rocky Point from Porch Queen Peggy Lounging Sunset from Porch Family with Uncle Paul at Dukes Peggy the Golddigger
Waikiki Santa Yellow Fish Kitchen Erica and Dad  Feddy P with Mom Jolie Little Fred and Big Fred Wave in Front of Porch

Click images above to see larger versions from our Hawaii trip or on the images below for our Caribbean adventure.

Bar Hopping Dominica Style Come Here White Woman Greg, our fabulous room steward Food Art Beautiful Dominica Dominica..if only it had morer surf Beach View
Better Beach View No shoes, no shirt, no problem! Wow! Caribbean Sunset Fish-eye view of interior Fish-eye view of interior The End
Rusty, He's a happy boy! Bob & Ian Cambell Your cocktail sir WINNER!..$500.00 plus a golden plastic ship  Cruise ship, surf trip, Rusty Edwards, Barbados Surf exploration Barbados style St. Thomas, looking for surf
Hull Bay Eh mon, I'm swing'in in the tree mon Destiny in St Thomas There is a man in that tree  Dining in style Bathsheba, Sonia's roadside burger joint..are you feeling lucky? Now we're talk'in!

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